Posters, Etc Thread

The following reference guide is the result of a poll started by Andy E. Nystrom on 01-13-2014, 09:40 AM (see below):

Who Watches the Watchers is now cataloging poster/pin-up type entries, albeit in their own thread. Historical info at the bottom of this post. I did a search on Google and pin-up pages tend to be for unofficial material, suggesting that this hasn’t been undertaken before. So this is a major undertaking, starting completely from scratch. Note that most pin-ups have stats but not all. To a larger degree I’m using the Sightings thread as a template, but with one big difference: Handbook entries when reprinted tend to be splintered off from their original books. However, pin-ups usually appear when the entire issue is reprinted. Note a few early printings of Essential volumes apparently sometimes omitted pin-ups but they were put back in in later printings. All are one page unless noted.

For now to keep things simple, I’m only listing by title; see Amazing Spider-Man #23 to get a sense of why I’m not listing by character at this stage.

1.            Entries should generally be no shorter than half a page (this is after all a thread for poster and pin-up type entries).
2.            Schematics always welcomed.
3.            Non-schematic text should be comparable to an Appendix entry: more than just the name but not an in-depth look either.
4.            There should be some meat to the poster info: events are okay but describing why a character is posing in a swimsuit isn't really a character entry.
5.            For schematics, in-story posters like the Baxter Building cut-away in Fantastic Four (first series) #4 are okay

Format: Title (date) [reprint source] [u]Exact[/u] entry name (additional notes)
So if a poster says, “Mighty Marvel Coming at You with Spider-Man”, we use that, not just Spider-Man.

Due to the informal nature of these, I’m not worrying about page count. After all, a two-page spread could conceivably have just six words.

? [Captain America Epic Collection v16: Streets of Poison] Serpent Society
1872 #1 map of Valley of Doom 2
Agents of Atlas #6 (March 2007) Agent Derek Khanata
Agents of Atlas v2 #4 Marvel Boy (Uranian) / Crusader
Amazing Fantasy v2 #8 Globo-Hipster's Guide Next Stop : Madripoor (Sovereign Hotel, Royal Palace & Museum, Princess Bar)
Amazing Spider-Man #20 (January 1965) [Essential Spider-Man v1, Marvel Masterworks v10, Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus v1] Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man #21 (February 1965) [Essential Spider-Man v2, Marvel Masterworks v10, Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus v1] Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man #23 (January 1965) [Essential Spider-Man v2, Marvel Masterworks v10, Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus v1] Spider-Man cast: Spider-Man, May Parker, Betty Brant, Peter Parker, Liz Allan, J. Jonah Jameson, Flash Thompson, Doctor Octopus, Chameleon, Tinkerer, Tinkerer alien, Doctor Doom, Lizard, Burglar, Vulture, Sandman, Living Brain, Electro, Human Cannonball, Great Gambonnos, Clown, Princess Python, Ringmaster, Scorpion, Beetle, Kraven the Hunter, Green Goblin, Mysterio, Fancy Dan, Montana, Ox, Big Man, Steve Lee, Steve Ditko
Amazing Spider-Man #394 (October 1994) [Carnage Classic, Spider-Man: The Complete Clone Sage Epic Book 1 2016 printing] Carnage
Amazing Spider-Man Annual#1 (1964) [Essential Spider-Man v1, Marvel Masterworks v5, Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus v1] Burglar, Chameleon, Vulture, Tinkerer, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Doctor Doom, Lizard, Living Brain, Electro, Big Man, Enforcers,, Mysterio, Green Goblin,, Kraven the Hunter
Amazing Spider-Man Annual#2 (1965) [Essential Spider-Man v2, Marvel Masterworks v10, Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus v1] Beetle, Circus of Crime, Scorpion
Amazing Spider-Man Annual#13 (1979) [Essential Spider-Man v9] Molten Man, Looter (Meteor Man), Rhino, Shocker, Kingpin, Silvermane, Man-Mountain Marko, Prowler, Kangaroo, Peter Parker’s Pad, Daily Bugle, Daily Globe, Empire State University
Amazing Spider-Man Annual#15 (1981) [Essential Spider-Man v10] Peter Parker’s Apartment, Man-Wolf, Jackal, Punisher, Tarantula
Amazing Spider-Man Annual#22 (1988) Peter and Mary Jane's Apartment at the Bedfor Tower
Amazing Spider-Man Annual#24 (1990) Peter & MJ’s New Pad (2 pages)
America #1 (2017) Sotomayor University map 2
Armor Wars #1 (2015) Technopolis map
Avengers #381 (December 1994) [Marvel Double Feature: The Avengers/Giant-Man #381] Kree Sentry
Avengers Academy #1 Finesse, Mettle, Hazmat, Reptil, Veil, Striker
Avengers Annual #1 (1967) [Essential Avengers v2, Marvel Masterworks v54, The Avengers Omnibus v2] Avengers Mansion
Avengers Annual #21 (1992)  Chronopolis, Avengers Communicard
Avengers Casebook 1999 (1999)  Avengers Roster
Avengers Magazine #1  Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Vision, Black Widow, Ultron, Taskmaster, Loki, Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil, Norman Osborn, Avengers, Kree/Skrulls, Grim Reaper
Avengers Unplugged #3 (February 1996) Captain America
The A-Z of Marvel Monsters (2017) Awesome Android, Blip, Crawling Creature, Devil Dinosaur, Elektro, Fin Fang Foom, Groot,  Hypno-Creature, Infant Terrible, Jinni Devil, Kraa the Unhuman, Lo-Karr, Bringer of Doom, Mangog, Nezarr the Calculator, Orrgo, Poker Face, Quonian, Rommbu, Scarlet Beetle, Thorr, Ulvar, Vandoom's Monster, Wrecker's Robot, Xemnu, Yeti, Zetora
Backpack Marvels : Avengers Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch
Battletide #1 (December 1992) Killpower
The Best of Spidey Super Stories (1978) Let’s Pay a Visit to Peter Parker’s Place, Let’s See Some More of… Peter Parker’s Place[i] [were either of these reprinted from Spidey Super Stories?][/i]
Bizarre Adventures #27 [Uncanny X-Men #600 Iceman only, True Believers: Phoenix – Bizarre Adventures #1 Phoenix only] X-Men Data Logs: Phoenix, Iceman, Nightcrawler
Black Panther #4 (2016) [Black Panther: A Nation Under Out Feet Book 1-2, Black Panther: World of Wakanda #1, Black Panther #9 (2016)] Wakanda  
Cable #43 (May 1997) Aliya, Apocalypse, Cable, Cannonball, Cyclops and Jean Grey, Domino; Stryfe and Tyler Dayspring, Sinister, Madelyne Pryor, Sanctity, Storm
Cable #75  "The Life and Times of the Man Called Cable" (from the Journal of Irene Merryweather)
Captain America Comics #5 [Golden Age Captain America Omnibus Vol. 1] Dragon of Death
Captain America 75th Anniversary Magazine (2016)  Captain America's Fighting Friends!: Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Sharon Carter, Jet Black & Nomad, Diamondback, Human Torch & Sub-Mariner, S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor & Iron Man, Rick Jones; The Clothes That Made A Legend: The Classic Costume, Cap's Shield, Modernizing A Classic, Bucky, Earth X, Sam Wilson, The Original Returns; Steve Rogers' Other Looks: Nomad, The Captain, The Cap Armor, Steve Rogers Super-Soldier; Gru's Greatest Cap Characters!: Crossbones, Diamondback, John Walker/U.S. Agent, D-Man, Cap-Wolf; Red, Black, and Blue!—Seventy-Five Years of Super Villains!: Crossbones, Red Skull & Sin, Arnim Zola, A.I.M., M.O.D.O.K., Hydra, Baron Zemo, Batroc, Baron Blood; additional material more article than entry (see zuckyd’s post from Apr 13 2016 for more info)
Captain Marvel #27 (July 1973) [Essential Captain Marvel v2, Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin: The Complete Collection tpb] Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Titan! * But Were Afraid to Ask
Citizen V and the V-Batallion: The Everlasting #1 Citizen V, Bucky, Mighty Destroyer, Goldfire, Human Torch, Isadora Martinez, Nuklo, Silver Scorpion, Andrea Sterman, Topspin, Vanguard, V-Batallion Operations Teams
Civil War Chronicles Captain America, Iron Man, Speedball
Codename: Genetix #1 Genetix, Vesper
Codename: Genetix #2 Base, Ridge, Shift, Stinger
Contest of Champions #6 Ms. Marvel (game version)
Daredevil Annual #1 (September 1967) [Essential Daredevil v2, Marvel Masterworks v41, Daredevil Omnibus v1] "A colorful collection of DD's cast of characters": Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, Ka-Zar, Daredevil; A dazzling DD memory page: Gladiator, Leap Frog, Owl, Masked Marauder
Daredevil/Black Widow: Abattoir (1993) SHIELD Top Secret Files: Black Widow, Daredevil
Dark Angel #12 Safehouse
Dark Reign The List: Secret Warriors Leviathan Data Storage: Leviathan bases, The Great Wheel (Zodiac)
Deadpool #16 (2016) Schaefer Theater schematic
DC Vs. Marvel #1 Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man, Storm, Wolverine
Defenders #50 (August 1977) [Essential Defenders v3 The Defenders' Long Island hang-out
Earth-X Sketchbook Africa: The Ani-Men, The Beast, King Panther, Queen Storm; Black Bolt; Britain: Dragon Man, Black Knight, King Britain, The Union Jacks; Cap; Cap and Redwing; Daredevil; Doctor Strange; Fantastic Four, The Marvels, Ben Grimm; Gorgon; Goblin; Hulk & Banner; Inhumans;Iron Avengers; Iron Maiden; Karnak; Loki; Luna; Medusa; Namor the Cursed; Dr. Richards’ Doom; Russia: The Black Widow, The Crimson Dynamo, Red Guard, Czar Colossus; Silver Surfers; Skull; Sorceress Supreme; Spidey; Spiders Man; Stark; Thor, Goddess of Thunder; Triton; Vernom; X-51; X-Men
Earth-X Special Edition Daredevil, Fantasic Four, The Marvels, The Silver Surfers; Green Goblin; Incredible Hulk & Banner; Inhumans; Iron Avengers; Iron Maiden; Namor the Cursed; Dr. Richards’ Doom; Captain America; Skull; Sorceress Supreme; Spider-Man; Spiders Man; Thor, Goddess of Thunder; Venom; X-Men
Edge of Spider-Verse #3 Redeye, Naamurah
Fantastic Four #3 [Essential Fantastic Four v1, Fantastic Four Omnibus v1, Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four v1] Cut-Away Diagram of the Fantastic Four’s Secret Headquarters
Fantastic Four #6 [Essential Fantastic Four v1, Fantastic Four Omnibus v1, Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four v1] untitled Baxter Building schematic
Fantastic Four #201 (December 1978) Inside the Baxter Bldg.
Fantastic Four #358   A gallery of the Fantastic Four's famous foes: Blastaar, Annihilus, Molecule Man, Rama-Tut, Doctor Doom
Fantastic Four Annual #1  [Essential Fantastic Four v1, Marvel Masterworks v6, Fantastic Four Omnibus v1]  A gallery of the Fantastic Four's famous foes: Mole Man, Skrulls, Miracle Man, Prince Namor, The Sub-Mariner, Doctor Doom, Kurrgo, Puppet Master, Impossible Man, Hulk, Red Ghost and his Super-Apes, Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android
Fantastic Four Annual #2 (1964) [Essential Fantastic Four v2, Marvel Masterworks v21, Fantastic Four Omnibus v2] Super-Skrull, Hate-Monger, Rama-Tut, Infant Terrible, The Molecule Man, Diablo (there is also an Alicia Masters pin-up but with no stats)
Fantastic Four Annual #3 (1965)  Inside the Baxter Bldg.
Fantastic Four Annual #5 (1967) [Essential Fantastic Four v4, True Believers: Kirby 100th – Inhumans#1] The Incomparable Inhumans!: The Ultimate Inhuman... Black Bolt!, The Gentleman's Name is... Gorgon!, Magnificent Medusa, Karnak the Shatterer!, The Mysterious Triton, Call Her Crystal, Maximus, the Mad
Fantastic Four Annual #14  Attuma; Dragon Man, Frightful Four; Gideon, Gregory; Invincible Man; Quasimodo
Fantastic Four Unplugged #1 (September 1995) Thing
Fantastic Four Unplugged #2 (November 1995) Invisible Woman
Fantastic Four Unplugged #3 (January 1996) Mister Fantastic
Fantastic Four Unplugged #4 (March 1996) Human Torch
Fantastic Four Unplugged #4 (May 1996) Doctor Doom
FF #6 untitled Baxter Building schematic
Force Works Ashcan Edition Spider-Woman, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, USAgent, Wonder Man
Future Imperfect #1 (2015)  Maestro's trophy room map
Future Imperfect #2 (2015)  East Wing of Maestro's trophy room
Future Imperfect #5 (2015)  Hall of Footwear
GeNext #1 Colossus, Becka Munroe, No-Name, Olivier Raven, “Rico” (Fantastic Lad)
Hell’s Angel #2 Hell’s Angel
Hell’s Angel #3 Killpower, Motormouth, Graviton Phase Blaster
Hulk #50 Black Fog, General Fortean, Omegex, Sultan Magus, Zero/One
Incredible Hulk #145 Project Greenskin: Proposed Site of Mobile Combat Force One
Infinity: The Hunt#2 Avengers Academy
Inhuman #1 Map of the Terrigen Movement
Iron Man #290 Iron Man's Armor
Iron Man #300 Alvarez, Felix; Arbogast, Bambi; Benning, Victoria Michelle; Cabe, Bethany; Hogan, Happy / Freak; HOMER; Sondheim, Erica; Zimmer, Abraham
Journey into Mystery Annual #1 untitled Asgard map
Marc Spector, Moon Knight #57 Cadre (Hellbent), Manx
Marvel Graphic Novel #7 [Essential Killraven v1] Carmilla Frost, Killraven, Bloodarrow, Bald Eagle
Marvel Graphic Novel: The Pitt The Pitt
Marvel 75[sup]th[/sup] Anniversary Celebration #1 Thunderer, Angel, Blue Diamond, Red Raven, Rockman
Marvel 75[sup]th[/sup] Anniversary Magazine  “Event Horizon: The Crossovers That Defined the Marvel Universe!”, Avengers/Defenders War, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, Secret Wars II, Evolutionary War, Inferno, Atlantis Attacks, Acts of Vengeance, Infinity Gauntlet, Age of Apocalypse, Onslaught, Heroes Reborn & Heroes Return, Avengers Disassembled, Secret War, House of M, Civil War, New Avengers: Illuminati, Annihilation & Annihilation Conquest, World War Hulk, Messiah Complex, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, Siege, Shadowland, Fear Itself, Avengers vs. X-Men, Age of Ultron, Infinity, Original Sin
Marvel Super Hero Adventure Game #1 (mini-comic apparently co-published by Marvel)  Wolverine vs. Brood Queen : Wolverine, Wolverine vs. Brood Queen : Brood Queen
Marvel Super Hero Adventure Game #2 (mini-comic apparently co-published by Marvel) Captain America vs. Baron Zemo : Captain America (Rogers), Captain America vs. Baron Zemo : Baron Zemo (Helmut)
Marvel Super Hero Squad: Hero Up! Falcon, Hulk, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Thor, Wolverine
Marvel Super Special #11 [Weirdworld tpb; abridged in Marvel Super Special #13] Weirdworld map
Marvel Two-in-One #2 [Essential Marvel Two-in-One v1] Abomination, Green Goblin
Marvel Two-in-One #53 [Essential Marvel Two-in-One v3] Project: Pegasus
Marvel Universe Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1 (April 2012) Ant-Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp
Marvel Universe Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #2 (May 2012) Abomination, Baron Strucker, Baron Zemo, Crimson Dynamo, Hawkeye’s Bag of Tricks
Marvel Universe Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #3 (June 2012) Enchantress, Breaking Down the HUD, Mighty Mjolnir, Ultron
Marvel Universe Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #4 (July 2012) Black Widow, Nick Fury, Kang, Loki
Marvel Universe Hulk And the Agents Of S.M.A.S.H. Digest Hulk, She-Hulk, Red Hulk,Skaar
Marvel Vs. DC Elektra, Jubilee, Namor The Sub-Mariner, Silver Surfer, Thor
Master of Kung Fu Dr. Fu Manchu's Honan, China Castle; Leiko's Flat; Reston's Flat, Stormhaven
Micronauts #1 Acroyear, Prince of Acroyears and Prince Shaitan; Baron Karza; Biotron and Microtron; Bug; Marionette; Commander Arcturus Rann; Shadow Priests
The Mighty World of Marvel #37 (June 16, 1973) The Thing
The Mighty World of Marvel #39 (June 30, 1973) Sub-Mariner
Mockingbird #5 (2016) SHIELD Medical Clinic (SHIELD Classified File)
Mockingbird #8 (2016) The Bermuda Triangle map (possibly apocryphical)
Motormouth Warheads, MOPED Unit
Mutant X #1 Bloodstorm, Brute, Fallen, Havok, Ice-Man, Marvel Woman
Namor the Sub-Mariner #36 Lords Seth and Dara, Fen, Namorita, Tamara Rahn, Arlys Tigershark
Namor the Sub-Mariner #37 Suma-Ket
New Avengers v3 #9 Cull Obsidian (Black Order)
New Avengers #1 (2015) Avengers Island map
New Avengers #2 (2015) Avengers Island map (different than above)
New Mutants #21 Cannonball, Magik, Sunspot
New Mutants #22 Magma, Mirage, Wolfsbane
New Mutants #23 Warlock
New Mutants #25 Lila Cheney, David Charles Haller
New Mutants #31 Catseye, Empath
New Mutants Annual #7  New Mutants Organizational Chart (Xavier's School)  
New X-Men Academy X: Yearbook Alpha Squadron, Corsairs, Hellions (Xavier Institute's), New Mutants (Xavier Institute), Paragons
Nomad #3 SICAEL Gun
Paradise X Special Edition 3-D Man; Avenging Host; Guardians of the Galaxy; Heralds; Thor and Loki; Mar-Vell and Friends; New Death; Paradise; Steve Rogers – Archangel; Royal Wedding; X-Reunion
Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #3 The Office! (schematic of Empire State University’s bio-physics department office)
Planet Hulk (2015) #1 Greenland map
Planet Hulk (2015) #2 Greenland map (different than above)
Power Man and Iron Fist #69 [Essential Power Man and Iron Fist v1, Power Man and Iron Fist Epic Collection Vol. 1: Heroes for Hire] Heroes for Hire (offices); Seagate Prison (a.k.a. Little Alcatraz); K’un-Lun Mountain, Home of the Immortals; Gem Theater; Rand Townhouse; Toby & David Griffith – “D.W.”; Jeryn Hogarth; Bob Diamond; Lieutenant Raphael Scarfe, N.Y.P.D. & William Hao; Colleen Wing and Mistory Knight of Nightwing Restorations; Jennie Royce’ Reva Connors & Harmony Young
Power Pack #42 [X-Men: Inferno Vol 1] tpb Kymellians; James and Margaret Power
Power Pack #43 [X-Men: Inferno Vol 1] tpb The Kymellian Smartship "Friday", The Snarks 1
Professor Xavier and the X-Men #1 Cyclops
Professor Xavier and the X-Men #2 Beast
Professor Xavier and the X-Men #4 Marvel Girl
Professor Xavier and the X-Men #5 Iceman
Professor Xavier and the X-Men #6 Angel
Professor Xavier and the X-Men #7 Magneto
Professor Xavier and the X-Men #9 Quicksilver
Professor Xavier and the X-Men #10 Scarlet Witch
Professor Xavier and the X-Men #11 Juggernaut
Punisher v8 #6 Basilisk; Century, Turner D.; Cheetah; Cyclone; Death Adder; Firebrand; Fly / Human Fly; Hijacker; Lascivious / Titania; Letha; Megatak; Mirage
The Punisher Meets Archie #1 The Punisher; non-Marvel: Archie
Punisher War Journal #? [Punisher War Journal by Carl Potts & Jim Lee] Arsenal entries
Royals #2 (2017) Astarion (small schematic)
Savage Sword of Conan #124 The Hyborian Age of Conan
Secret War #1 Macendale, Jason
Secret War #2 Black Widow; Cage, Luke; Captain America; Daredevil; Spider-Man; Wolverine
Secret War #4 Boomerang, Constrictor, Crimson Dynamo (Secret War), Diamondback, Goldbug, Grim Reaper, Hobgoblin (Secret War), King Cobra, Lady Octopus, Mentallo, Mister Fear, Scorcher, Scorpion, Shocker, Spider-Slayer, Trapster, Wizard
Secret War #5 Fury, Nick; Johnson, Daisy
Secret Warriors #1 Hydra,
Secret Wars (2015) #2 Battleworld map
Sgt. Fury #4 (November 1963) [Essential Sgt. Fury v1, Marvel Masterworks v51] Weapons of War! “Combat Rifles” of World War II
Sgt. Fury #5 (January 1964) [Essential Sgt. Fury v1, Marvel Masterworks v51] Weapons of War: Light Machine Guns of World War II
Sgt. Fury #6 (March 1964) [Essential Sgt. Fury v1, Marvel Masterworks v51] “America’s World War II Shopping List!”
Sgt. Fury #14 (January 1965) [Essential Sgt. Fury v1, Marvel Masterworks v97] Weapons of War! B-26 Martian Marauder
Sgt. Fury Annual #1 (1965) [Essential Sgt. Fury v1, Marvel Masterworks v97] Combat Arms and Hand Signals; Plane’s Eye View of Base Tactical Area, Sub-Pen, dock and Air Strip!; Bird’s Eye View of H.Q. Able co. at Fury’s Base in Britain!
Sgt. Fury Special #3 (1967) Robert “Rebel” Ralston & Gabriel Jones; Percival “Pinky Pinkerton & Dum Dum Dugan; Eric Koenig, Izzy Cohen, Dino Manelli; Sgt. Nick Fury, Captain Happy Sam Sawyer
Shadowland: Blood on Streets #1 Knight, Misty; Paladin; Shroud; Silver Sable
SHIELD v1 #1 Human Machine
Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #3 (September 1981) [Essential Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man v3] Gibbon; Hammerhead; Harrow, Dr. Jonas; Morbius
Spider-Girl #100 Aftershock, Angel Face, Apox the Atomic Skrull, Black Tarantula, Canis, Crazy Eight, Doctor Jade, Dragon King, Courtney Duran, Earthstalker, La Fantome, Fatal Force, Funny Face, Fury, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Killerwatt, Kingpin, Davida Kirby, Lady Octopus, Moose Mansfield, Man-Wolf, Misery, Mister Abnormal, Mister Nobody, Raptor, Sabreclaw, Scriers, Soldiers of the Serpent, Spyral, Phil Urich, Venom
Spider-Man #51 [Spider-Man: The Complete Clone Sage Epic Book 1 2016 printing latter entry only]Carrion, Chameleon
Spider-Man: Swing Shift Director’s Cut (2008) [Spider-Man: Brand New Day – The Complete Collection Vol. 1] Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Aunt May, Harry Osborn, Mary Jane, J. Jonah Jameson, Dexter Bennett, Lily Hollister, Vin Gonzales, Carlie Cooper, Jackpot, Joe Robertson, Betty Brant, Martin Li, Bill Hollister, Alan O'Neil, Mr. Negative, The Bookie, Screwball, Overdrive, Paper Doll, The Parker Household
Squadron Sinister #2 map of Domains Controlled by the Squadron
Squadron Sinister #3 map of Domains Controlled by the Squadron (updated)
Strange Tales #101 [Essential Human Torch v1, Marvel Masterworks: The Human Torch v1] Johnny Storm's Glenville Bedroom
Tales to Astonish #35 [Ant-Man/Giant-Man Masterworks v1, Essential Ant-Man v1] The Cybernetic Helmet
Tales to Astonish #36 [Ant-Man/Giant-Man Masterworks v1, Essential Ant-Man v1] Secret Room of Pym’s Lab
Team X/Team 7 Team X, non Marvel: Team 7
Thor #500 The Garb of Thunder, The Family of Odin, Hot Facts About the Heavy-Hitting Hammer of Thor
Thor: God of Thunder #13 Nine Realms
Thor Spotlight Yggdrasil Unplugged: A Guide to the Nine Worlds
Thunderbolt Classic Vol. 1tpb Citizen V, Meteorite, M.A.C.H.-1, Songbird, Techno, Atlas
Thunderbolts #1 (2016) The Winter Soldier, Kobik, Moonstone, Mach-X, Fixer, Atlas
Ultimate End #1 Manhattan
Ultimate Spider-Man Premiere Comic Agent Coulson, Nick Fury, Iron Fist, Nova, Power Man, Spider-Man, White Tiger
Uncanny X-Men #476 Shi'Ar Vehicle
Uncanny X-Men #1 (2012) organizational chart of Cyclops' teams
Universe X Special Edition Angel; Ant-Men; Belasco; Black Knight; Dead; Iceman; Immortus; Iron Men; Magneto and Toad; Cap and Mar-Vell Child; Nighthawk and Gargoyle; Realm Marvel; Xen
Untold Tales of Spider-Man ’96 (1996) [Untold Tales of Spider-Man Omnibus] Undertaker, Joey Pulaski, Supercharger, Scorcher, Batwing, Spacemen, Wizard
Untold Tales of Spider-Man ’97 (1997) [Untold Tales of Spider-Man Omnibus] Headsman, Commanda, Eel, Scarlet Beetle, Black Knight (Garrett), Gordon "The Terrier" Savinski, Radioactive Man
Web of Spider-Man #117 John Jameson, Vermin
Web of Spider-Man Annual #3 (1987) [Essential Web of Spider-Man v2] Spider-Man; Peter Parker; Secrets of Spider-Man; Mary Jane Parker; Peter & MJ’s Apartment; Daily Bugle; Empire State University; Betty Brant Leeds; Stacy Family; Jameson Family; Robertson Family; May & Ben Parker; Aunt May’s Boarders; Harry, Liz, & Norman Osborn; Flash Thompson; The Distaff Side; Hobgoblin; Kingpin; The Rose; Basilisk, Big Wheel; Black Cat; Cyclone; Dark Rider; Drom; Grizzly; Human Fly; Jeremiah; Jigsaw; Man-Killer; Man-Fish; Midas; Mindworm; Mirage; Monstroid; Moondark; Moondog; Rocket Racer; Stegron; White Dragon; Will O’The Wisp; The Wraith
Web Warriors #1 (2015) Mayday Parker: Spider-Woman of Earth-982, Billy Braddock: Spider-UK of Earth-833, Anya Corazon: Spider-Girl of Earth-616, Pavitir Prabhakar: Spider-Man of Earth-50101, Peter Parker: Spider-Man of Earth-90214, Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman of Earth-65, Peter Porker: the Spectacular Spider-Ham of Earth-8311
Weirdworld #1 (2015)  Weirdworld map
Weirdworld #2 (2015)  Warbow’s map of Weirdworld
Wolverine v3 #66 untitled map of Amerika (Earth-80178)
X-Factor #65 Archangel, Cyclops, Jean Grey
X-Factor #66 Beast, Iceman
X-Force #1 (1991) [X-Force Epic Collection: Under the Gun tpb] G.W. Bridge, Deadpool, Feral, Shatterstar
X-Force #6 (1991) [X-Force Epic Collection: Under the Gun tpb]  Cannonball, Domino, Sunspot, Warpath
X-Men #188 Xavier Institute (for Higher Learning)
X-Men: Second Coming #1 Bastion, Cable & Hope, Cyclops, Human Council, X-Force (X-Men Strike Team), X-Men
X-Men Adventures #15 Cyclops; Gambit; Grey, Jean; Jubilee; Professor X; Rogue; Storm; Wolverine (all entries Earth-92131 versions)
X-Men Spotlight on Starjammers #1 Starjammer Spacecraft
X-Men: The Manga #16 Beast, Cyclops; Gambit; Grey, Jean; Morph; Professor X; Rogue; Storm; Wolverine (all entries Earth-92131 versions)
X-Universe v1 #1 Human High Council File : Membership Roster (T'challa; Castle, Frank; Parker, Peter; Richards, Reed & Storm, John; Namor), Human High Council File : Tactical Map Roster, Human Data File (Victor Von Doom, Anthony Stark, Dr. Bruce Banner, Matthew Murdock, Dr. Donald Blake, Gwendolyne Stacy)


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